November 2009


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Owning a Small Business Can Be Like Living Alone On An Island

By on November 5, 2009
Can you remember when you decided to start your business? I am sure you felt the same nervous excitement I did! I remember when I first told my plans to my Mom. She said, "That sounds exciting Pete, but wouldn't you rather get a job with a big company so you can work hard and have a pension some day?" :) My response was, "No Mom, I don't want to be in a position where I know exactly what my paycheck is going to be each week." I wanted to know I had the ability to build something that would produce a large income, and perhaps one day I would build it to a point where I could sell it for enough money that I could retire to an island somewhere and drink pina coladas in the sun every day. That was it. I made up my mind to hang up my shingle and get started. Wow was I in for a surprise! :)


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Everybody Gets Down At Times … Successful People Don’t Stay Down!

By on November 2, 2009
I work very hard to maintain a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life. The longer I've focused on this, sometimes elusive goal, the easier it has become to maintain a positive outlook on my life and the challenges I am faced with. Although it has gotten easier with time, it can still be difficult. I used to think people who constantly preached the importance of being a "Positive Thinker," were strange. I always thought these people needed to wake up and smell the coffee! It seemed as thought they bought into some "cult-like" belief that if they said, "Everything is great" ... that somehow they could trick themselves into some delusional belief that everything was "ok" no matter how much crap they had to deal with. I've finally arrived at the point in my life where I understand the value of maintaining a positive outlook, but I am also a realist.