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I am married to an incredible woman named Amanda and have five amazing children. I would consider myself an entrepreneur and absolutely love the challenge of building businesses. I also love the journey of personal development. I don't believe in drifting through life on auto-pilot. I believe we are presented each day with opportunities to improve and become better. I choose to embrace these opportunities and use the lessons I learn to become a better "me" and continuously strive to embrace each moment!

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SET GOALS! You Can’t Be Successful if You Don’t Define What That Means

By on August 11, 2009

Remember when you were a kid and your parents told you that you could do anything you set your mind to … even if you wanted to become the president of the United States?

I do!

I can almost feel the same excitement I felt when they told me.  I was excited to one day play in the NBA the NFL and I’d also be an all star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers.  If someone would have asked me if I truly believed that I could accomplish all those things I would have said, “Of course I can, my parents told me I could do anything if I set my mind to it!”

What was it that you wanted to accomplish?

Did you want to be the president of the United States, the most successful lawyer in your town, a doctor, or an incredibly successful business person?

It doesn’t really matter what you wanted to be back then or if you even achieved any of these things.  The point is you had an incredible amount of faith that it could happen back then because the world hadn’t told you “NO” enough, and you truly believed anything was possible.

One of my best friends growing up was Matt Severance.  I used to spend the night at his house quite a bit on the weekends.  We would sit at his house and talk on the phone to girls all evening long but, every couple hours he would hang up and watch sports center.

I used to get annoyed because it was the same show over and over with the exact same content.  Matt didn’t care.  He told me one day he was going to be a sports writer for a newspaper.  He absolutely believed that was what he was going to be and he began taking the actions required to accomplish this feat.

Well … he did it!

Let’s fast forward a decade or three and take a look at where you are today.  How many times have you found yourself saying the following?

“I wish I was making more money!”


“One of these days I am going to start a business, or get a new job”


“I am going to start a diet tomorrow and I’ll lose this over-sized behind.”

As we get older and enough people laugh at us, tell us “NO”, or tell us there is no way we can do that … we begin to give up.  Well, at least most people do!

The most successful people in this world NEVER STOP BELIEVING they can accomplish anything.  Not only that. They never stop setting goals.  They don’t just say, “someday I’ll do this or that.”

Successful people define exactly what it is they are going to accomplish, they set a deadline, they put it in writing, they share it with other people, and they just plain get it done!

They don’t make excuses or give up when things get difficult.  They have a laser-like focus on the result they want in their life and they will do anything possible to make it a reality.

Do you know the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people?

Unsuccessful people don’t take time to set goals, and if they do they don’t write them down or share them with anyone else.  They’ve basically gotten to the point where they’ve given up on having anymore then they have, and have bought into all the “NOs” they’ve heard over the years.

If you happen to be someone that isn’t happy with where you are at this moment in your life, and the sentences above make you cringe at how much it sounds like you.  I have some great news for you!

You can immediately change and begin to achieve great things like the most successful people achieve.

All you need to do is spend time setting goals that resemble the circumstances you’d like to receive.

Whether it is to be earning an extra $1,000 per month, or to become a millionaire in the next 3-5 years.  It doesn’t matter how lofty the goal is.

You simply NEED TO SET YOUR GOAL!  Once you’ve set the goal you need to put a deadline on that goal and then take the actions necessary to achieve it.

Is it truly that simple?  Yes.

Will you have obstacles?  Of course!

The biggest obstacle you’ll need to overcome is the fear of failing.  Believe me … that is something you absolutely can’t let get in your way.  You should be much more scared of living your life without accomplishing everything you’ve dreamed of.  If you fail enough times you’ll eventually succeed!  Any successful person will tell you just that!

I’d love to hear examples of people you know who achieved the goals they set when they were younger and had the focus and drive to accomplish those goals just like my buddy Matt.

I’d also love it if these words have helped give you that little push and you are going to change the course of your life.  If it has please leave a comment and let us all know you are going to be setting your goals and if you’d like leave what those goals are in your comment!  We’ll be your biggest cheerleaders!  🙂

  1. Mike

    August 11, 2009

    Hey Pete,

    It’s ironic that you post this now. It’s interesting to me because of the fact that I’ve recently been forced to face some uncomfortable tasks and realizations in my transition to my new position, in an industry that is very new to me. It’s tough sometimes, but it’s all part of the process of providing the value necessary to earn the rewards that I desire.

    If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

    I heard a saying once that there is no growth in the comfort zone. It’s a difficult paradigm to break because it’s too easy to become complacent even though it is largely unrewarding. It’s too easy for good enough to be good enough.

    A piece on fear of failure and self sabotage would compliment this essay perfectly.