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Finding Motivation Shouldn’t Take Extraordinary Measures

By on January 25, 2010

This weekend Amanda  ( ) and I went and watched the movie, “Extraordinary Measures.”  I am personally a HUGE fan of movies and really enjoy those based on true stories the most.  There is just something about watching a film about an event which has actually occurred and getting a chance to experience the different points of view of the characters.

Although some movies miss the mark and aren’t very interesting, this movie did an excellent job!

The movie was a story about a father who had two children with Pompe Disease which is very similar to Muscular Dystrophy.  The muscles deteriorate due to the inability of the body to  break down the sugars.  According to the movie the life expectancy of a child with the disease is only about 9 years.

I was on the verge of tears several times  as I watched the parents struggle with the fact: two of their children were nearing that magic age of 9, while they were desperately seeking a cure for this horrible disease.  The father was constantly doing research just trying to find some hope.  He ultimately identified a grumpy old scientist who had a theory which gave him hope.

He quit his high level corporate job and basically gave everything he had to find a cure which would POSSIBLY lengthen the lives of his children.  He had an incredible decision to make since, based on what the doctors had told him, and the normal course of the disease, his children had a very short period of time left.  His decision was to either spend the last few “days” with his children, or fight like hell to try to find a solution which would not cure them, but could possibly lengthen their lives.

Alright, I am not a movie reviewer, nor do I want to ruin the outcome of the movie for you if you choose to see it.  🙂

When I left the theater I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would do the exact same thing he did if I found my children in any type of similar situation.  There would be NOTHING that could stop me from turning over every stone to uncover something to possibly save them.

I also began to think about how challenging it is for some people to find the motivation to do even the bare minimum to succeed.  I’ve met some incredibly intelligent people who have tremendous skills and talents who seem to not move ahead in life.  I used to spend time wondering why and in some cases, I tried to motivate them myself.

The problem is some people simply don’t contain the self motivation necessary to do anything beyond existing.

Although I now accept this as just the way it is, I believe this movie can teach a lesson that it DOESN’T have to be that way.  If you find yourself in the position where it is difficult to motivate yourself  … You need to find a big enough reason why.

I thank God every day that my children are healthy and happily enjoying life.  When I find it difficult to find motivation I simply think about the type of example I am setting for them.  If my children see me working hard to become successful, and working just as hard to give them a happy life … I believe that example will perpetuate itself and be passed on to their children, and their children’s children.

I don’t think it should take extraordinary measures to find motivation within yourself.  I believe we need to look deep inside ourselves and find something that is important enough to help you make it through the times of difficulty.

I believe that if you get in the habit of finding this reason why, and focus on it consistently, you can prevent yourself from ever being in the position to learn how to motivate yourself when it is simply too late and you are forced to pay the painful price of taking what life has given you.

What is your reason why?