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Don’t Waste Your Energy Asking Why. Sometimes That’s Just the Way it Is!

By on August 25, 2009
Don't you just love it when you are cooped up in the car with young children, going on a long trip and everytime they see something they haven't seen before, they begin with the questions? Well, if you are anything like me ... it drives you nuts! :) I understand these questions are an absolute requirement for their development and the answers you provide goes a long way in developing their intellectual capital. So, although it can be extremely frustrating and annoying, as parents, we need to take the time to answer these questions and show as little irritation as possible so you don't deter their inquisitiveness and stifle their growth. Even though this is true it'll still drive even the most patient of people crazy when every explanation is met with the question ... "Why?"



It’s Not Just Who You Know … It’s Who You Associate With!

By on August 24, 2009
I am always amazed when I see a couple who has been married for several years and they have adopted each others mannerisms and facial expressions. Sometimes it seems as though they underwent some crazy DNA experiment and were morphing into each other. It's not that difficult to understand how it happens when you think about it. We all share little sayings, inside jokes, private stories, and even similar philosophies on life. After all, your spouse is the person you spend the most time with. Well ... in most cases. :) These same traits, philosophies, and mannersims are transfered into our children as they are being brought up and maturing into adults. Although our children share our DNA and are predisposed to looking like us, there are many other characteristics they pick up from associating with us throughout their formative years. Some good .... Some bad. Think about it for a second ...


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Consistent Positive Action Creates Huge Momentum

By on August 23, 2009
As I laced up my shoes this morning to head out and tackle my first action focused goal, I spent some time reviewing the past seven days. It's hard to believe it's already been a week since I set and began to achieve these daily action goals. I can honestly tell you it is 99% easier to tackle these goals today than it was in the first couple of days. If you recall, I was having a bit of a challenge with the "voices" trying to encourage me to make excuses as to why I didn't have to accomplish those goals. Well, I am happy to report to you that those voices have all but left. The consistency of achieving my daily action goals, has made it much easier, and created momentum that's sending me off on a very positive path.