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Guide Yourself With Strong Resolutions

By on January 4, 2010

Here we are again at the time of the year when we’ve spent time reviewing the previous year, and in this case … decade.  It’s now time to chart out what you’ll focus on for the coming year.

Have you taken the time to create your New Year’s resolutions?

Are you…


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Everybody Gets Down At Times … Successful People Don’t Stay Down!

By on November 2, 2009
I work very hard to maintain a positive attitude and a positive outlook on life. The longer I've focused on this, sometimes elusive goal, the easier it has become to maintain a positive outlook on my life and the challenges I am faced with. Although it has gotten easier with time, it can still be difficult. I used to think people who constantly preached the importance of being a "Positive Thinker," were strange. I always thought these people needed to wake up and smell the coffee! It seemed as thought they bought into some "cult-like" belief that if they said, "Everything is great" ... that somehow they could trick themselves into some delusional belief that everything was "ok" no matter how much crap they had to deal with. I've finally arrived at the point in my life where I understand the value of maintaining a positive outlook, but I am also a realist.


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Personal Growth Success in Life

Experience Your Surroundings As If You Are A Tourist Seeing Them For The First Time

By on September 21, 2009
Since I started my experiment I've realized that I'm paying much closer attention to my thoughts, my actions, and also my surroundings, and I have to tell you it has modified the way I look at things in a big way. I've been fortunate to do quite a bit of traveling in the past few months and have seen some incredibly beautiful and interesting places. Whether it was the beauty of the amazing people I met while in the Dominican Republic, the majestic mountains of Colorado, the awesome coastline and cliffs of Laguna Beach, or the history and beautiful monuments I visited while in Washington DC. No matter how diverse and incredible those places were, while focusing on my experiment and developing the new habits through my action focused goal setting, I found that none of those places were any more amazing and beautiful as the place I call home ... Grand Rapids, Michigan!
Pete Brand
Grand Rapids, MI

I am married to an incredible woman named Amanda and have five amazing children. I would consider myself an entrepreneur and absolutely love the challenge of building businesses. I also love the journey of personal development. I don't believe in drifting through life on auto-pilot. I believe we are presented each day with opportunities to improve and become better. I choose to embrace these opportunities and use the lessons I learn to become a better "me" and continuously strive to embrace each moment!

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